Three Compartment Sink Application

  • Fill Compartment 1, the Wash Tank with Enviro Solid Pot & Pan Detergent and Hot Water.
  • Fill Compartment 2, the Rinse Tank, with potable, Hot Water.
  • Fill Compartment 3 with the Sanitizer Solution. The U.S. Public Health Food Safety Sanitation Recommendation is 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit water temperature.
  • Test the sanitizing solution strength frequently using Quaternary Ammonium Test Strips QT 40. Sanitizer is EPA registered and USDA approved for use at a minimum of 150 parts per million. When dispensed through the 651AG DEMA at .25oz per gal, the solution tests in acceptable range between 150-400ppm with water temperature between 65oF and 75oF. If the water temperature is outside this range when testing you will not get an accurate reading.

How To Test Sanitizer At 3 Bay Sink

Test the sanitizing solution strength frequently using QT-40 Test Strips.

  • To test, tear off a piece of the Quaternary Ammonium Test paper and hold one end of it in the Sanitize Tank solution for 10 seconds.
  • Do NOT swish the test strip in the solution. Do NOT test FOAM. Remove the test strip from tank. Do NOT shake off the excess water. Now, compare the color of the saturated test paper to the color chart on the Test Kit. The color of your test strip should match the colors on the indicator between 150 – 400ppm.
  • Keep the Test Kit dry. Test paper that has been exposed to moisture or high humidity will not provide accurate test results. Always put the Test Kit back into its designated holder.
  • Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands during the actual cleaning and sanitizing procedure. Read the SDS for each chemical and follow all safety precautions.

3 Bay Sink Washing
~ Wash ~

Using the Wall mounted solid bowl turn the knob to fill Compartment 1 (Wash Tank) with Solid Gold turn knob to off position to stop filling. 

  • Remove gross food deposits from utensils and equipment parts. 
  • Submerge scraped items in COMPARTMENT 1, the WASH TANK and let them soak for 5 minutesScrub the utensils inside and outside with a brush. Scrub equipment parts thoroughly paying particular attention to threads and perforations. Handle knives, slicing blades and other sharp objects cautiously. Keep guards in place until you are ready to clean the blades, then carry them to the wash tank and scrub carefully.




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